Our mission is to become the global leader in the outsourced sales and marketing industry by taking a genuine and passionate interest in the growth of our people and our clients.


We will continue to expand and increase our influence on the domestic and international stage, while constantly developing our leadership roles in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Through our vision, our competitive drive to be the best, and our unrelenting work ethic, we will make our positive mark on the world by making a positive mark in the lives of every individual or organization we come in contact with.

"Dream big dreams, for only big dreams have the power to move mens's souls." -Marcus Aurelius


The So Cal Group has expanded into the Los Angeles and San Francisco markets, adding to our Orange County, Walnut Creek and Salt Lake City locations. Our current clients have given us the green light to expand into all other major West Coast markets as soon as possible, as well as bolstering our existing campaigns in our current locations. By 2020, our goals are to have 12 offices opened on the West Coast, with a strong enough domestic base to allow us to expand into Western Europe. Prospective European markets include London, Copenhegen, Berlin, Amsterdam, Munich, Barcelona, Madrid, and Vienna. By 2025 we plan to be firmly established throughout the United States, Europe, India, China, Korea, Japan, Central and South America, and Australia.


From a business development standpoint, we are excited about the near roll-out of three new campaigns in three emerging new industries. We are currently running test pilots with a VOIP, solar, and social media client, all of which are projected to be in the top five fastest growing industries over the next decade.


Long term, we are looking to have a footprint in every major international market as the premiere outsourced sales and marketing company in the world, representing a diverse range of clients in cutting edge industries. Along the way we will take our heart of service into the non-profit sector, establishing self-sustaining international non-profit businesses that measure success through social impact rather than profit and loss margins.