We pride ourselves on our fun yet competitive culture based on integrity, character, and performance. As we continue to expand and diversify into new industries and new markets, we are looking to train and promote entirely from within, with leaders and performers advancing rapidly as we grow. We do not believe in seniority or tenure, but instead attribute much of our success to the drive, energy, and motivation of our people to achieve beyond normal corporate standards. Work ethic, impeccable attitudes, and humble student mentalities are the cornerstones of our organization, and the characteristics that will always be recognized and promoted over all else.


At The So Cal Group, we firmly believe that those who chase money and titles alone will be chasing them their entire lives, to limited avail. On the other hand, those who seek constant personal and professional growth will find not only that, but also fulfillment and success in all other areas of life.

John Wooden, the legendary coach of the UCLA Bruin basketball team, led the program to unprecedented success with a 620-147 record and 10 NCAA championships in his 27-year coaching career. While he remains the most successful athletic coach of all time, his real legacy lies in the impact he made on the players he coached and the lives he touched.

Far more than the wins, losses, or titles, Wooden's players look back on the years they spent under their coach as the most educational and formative years of their lives. They will tell you that instead of simply learning how to win, they learned to become better family men, better fathers and husbands, developed better characters, became more involved in their communities, and developed many of the traits that have led them to successful, well-rounded lives.

Just as not every player continued with UCLA, coach Wooden, or went on to NBA stardom, we understand that not every employee at The So Cal Group will continue with us forever either. We do make it our mission however, that whether an individual is with us for 12 weeks, 12 months or 12 years, the experience, the growth, the education, the relationships, and the character they will develop while here will be remembered in the same light as Wooden's players remember their time at UCLA. 

"We will make a positive mark on the world by making a positive mark in the lives of every individual or organization we come in contact with."